Trans Migrant Activism in Québec



August 17, 2017
6 pm


Centre St-Pierre
1212, rue Panet
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Historical Background, Today’s Struggles, and Future Trajectories

During this event, LSQ and ASL interpreters will be on site.

This event is divided to two parts and presented in both French and English. The first part examines the realities of trans migrant women of color in Québec since the 80s and a second part will highlight trans migrant activism by and for trans migrants in Québec. Some of the topics discussed by this panel will include: migration trajectories, challenges and experiences in Quebéc, immigration processes and survival, systemic racism and transphobia, sex work, legal recognition, social integration, trans migrant activism from the 80s until now, new activist strategies in the hope of gaining legal recognition.

Anaïs Montenegro immigrated to Canada in 1986. Since her transition, she has been involved in both the trans community and in the community of her neighborhood where she has been living for more than 20 years. Anaïs is still involved with migrant trans women who face systemic racism and transphobia in Canada.

Betty Iglésias has worked as community outreach worker in the Montréal area to offer support with a harm reduction approach and to increase services to trans people, sex workers and LGBTQ immigrants. Betty has also been involved with multiple emancipatory programs for refugees and projects such as Projet Refuge and Mapping Memories.

Dalia Tourki, researcher, writer, and advocate for trans migrants’ rights, helped organize the Montréal Trans March of 2016 and participated in panels where she spoke about her experience as an Arab trans migrant in Québec, Canada.

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