André Sauvé



August 10, 2016
9:00 pm


TD Music Stage
Place Émilie-Gamelin
logo_metro_de_montreal Berri-UQAM





New edition, new concept!

This year, Montréal Pride is adding another arrow to the quiver of its programming with a whole new free show: André Sauvé! The comedian will be performing a special 90-minute set. A darling of Montrealers, over the past ten years, André Sauvé has carved a place for himself in the hearts of many Québécois.

Opening Act

Neev. What’s a Neev? It’s someone who’s shielded from insults. He fears neither failure nor indifference nor mediocrity. In fact, he’s chubby, of average height and quite hairy. He’s of Moroccan and French descent, in addition to being Jewish and Québécois.He masters language with the greatest of ease, conjuring every accent on the planet to tell heartfelt stories that are filled with emotion, derision and politics. He’ll make you explode with laughter! In the figurative sense, of course.